The leading school of professions in fashion, light industry and Fashion e-commerce in Russia and CIS with the largest community of fashion entrepreneurs.
Команда проекта
Maria Chelyadenkova
Managing partner
Alexander Orlov
Managing partner
Inna Gureeva
Lyudmila Norsoyan
Capital Value-add
Strengthening the sales and marketing team
Optimizing the organizational structure
Implementing financial and marketing analytics
Obtaining the Skolkovo residency
Fashion Factory development experience demonstrates market potential
For 2020
Lyudmila Norsoyan
founder, ideologist of the project
The school is on the precipice of the next stage of development. The team is growing and there is much to be done for the first time. This is an exciting and interesting process, but it is important not to get carried away. We have to innovate in many areas but have to be wary of reinventing the wheel and wasting unnecessary resources. We have benefitted greatly from our partnership with Ultimate Capital, which has helped us with almost any issues we have had regarding economics, law, business organization, strategy and team management. The Ultimate Capital team has also linked us up to the top specialists in these fields. In addition, the Ultimate Education foundation has created a community of education platforms, and we have benefitted from being introduced to other partners in the community. It seems to me that a history of cooperation is being created in the highest sense. In short, the foundation has given us secure roots to work with and from which to gain inevitable success.
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